The Liberation Experience: The India Intensive

What is it?

It is a 14 day, non-stop, one on one, immersion experience: It is a one of a kind- 24 hour a day, radical, experiential coaching process. It is a deep dive into the heart of existence itself. A wild freefall, where you will be coached, stretched and challenged beyond all your limitations. I will create and customize a process that will profoundly alter the very foundations of your life and who you have known yourself to be.

The Liberation Experience is designed to strip away the layers of conditioning and identity. It is designed to reveal to you your original face-Who you were prior to this form. It is designed to support you to be in the world fully, yet living free. It opens you up to living in harmony with nature and function effortlessly in life.

The Process: You will spend 14 days, one on one with me. I will take you to India. At the airport I will take away your passport and you will carry no money the entire trip. The only thing that you will have is one change of clothes and a backpack. This is how the journey begins. You will be thrown into the depths of the unknown. All the habitual things and patterns that you have identified as yourself will be taken from you, so that you can see beyond who you have thought of yourself to be, and allow for who you really are to emerge.

You will be taken to the poorest slums in the world. You will bathe in the Ganges River. You will ride on trains. You will meet a real enlightened yogi. You will visit sacred temples and caves. You will be challenged and placed into all the situations that may have collapsed the openness of your heart and freedom. Yet, I will stretch you to open beyond your previous limitations. You will be stretched to your edge and challenged to see who the “you” is that lies beyond. The entire way through I will be guiding, coaching, facilitating and customizing processes that strip away any layers which might inhibit the free expression of your true essence. You will see the inherent freedom that has always been your nature. It will be obvious.

This experience is unlike anything I have offered. It is my finest offering. This experience will be unlike anything you will have experienced.

The Liberation Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live as big as life is seeking to express through you.

It is for visionary leaders of the new generation, that feel called to impact the world on a global level.