"When I first heard about the India journey I felt I didn't really care for it....

I simply wanted to finish the One-Month Coaching session with Kute and to find some comfort and happiness in this life.

Slowly, slowly, I started to dream about this journey at night time.

I couldn't stop thinking about it and was fighting myself to be rational and to forget about it.

One day I felt, I am ready!

I was so afraid of it, I remembered myself shaken from it time to time.

In the preparation time for this journey I remember Kute telling me, "Look and feel the cappuccino you drink, it will never be the same when you come back."...the guy was damn right!

Even today, a few years after, the taste of each flavor in life is very different then in my old life.

I couldn't believe that a cappuccino could have another taste when I came back, but it sure does!

I have learned to embrace the feeling of surrendering. Before I thought surrendering was a weakness.

The more I surrendered in that journey, the more I got rewarded.

My life is different then it used to be...

Before I thought I had everything I wanted but after this beautiful journey I have gained the most beautiful present I ever received in my life...

I received ME, and this "ME" is growing daily!

Today I have the ability to achieve much more then before, but really effortlessly.

Things I couldn't even believe I would do before enter my door today on a daily bases.

Now I KNOW that our dream life is possible! ”

-Amir Eshel

"Going to India with Kute was a life changing experience. What I saw, what I experienced, what I dealt with and went through was truly transformational, and continues to affect and color my life today in the most positive ways. There is no doubt that Kute gave his all to insure that I got the most out of it. I could not thank him enough, or be more grateful to myself that I went through this process.”

-Richard Birecki

“After 56 years of being in a prison of gut-wrenching, paralyzing, self loathing hatred and paralyzing fears (the effects from a devastating childhood of severe violence and unthinkable abuses)

I was so privileged to go on 'THE LIBERATION EXPERIENCE' to India.

I never thought I was ever going to get out of that prison. BUT I DID!!!.........

I had sought help through hundreds of coaches, counsellors, therapists, teachers, seminars, courses, tapes, books, classes, various teachings around the world and “NONE” of them did for me what Kute Blackson accomplished to do and helped me finally 'BE'- that amazing LOVE that I am in less than a few days.

I feel he is truly the “BEST” in the world at helping people TRANSFORM for REAL!!!

NOW I get to live a life 'FULL' of 'LOVE, INSPIRATION, BLISS & FREEDOM.'”

-Unity Koontz

“'The India Liberation Experience' is the most powerful process I have ever experience in my life, there is nothing else like it in the world and I have done everything out there.... This journey has absolutely transformed my life in a way that I feel like I am finally living the life I was meant to live.

It is so powerful and it has helped me in every area of my life in such a way that I would have paid 3 times the money had I known it was going to be this effective, it is truly a once in a life time opportunity that it is simply priceless.”

-Cesar Franco

“"Three years ago I went on 'The Liberation Experience' (India intensive) with Kute and he helped me to deal with guilt and shame that I had felt almost all my life that made feel like I was no good, helpless, hopeless and often even wishing to die.

With the relentless way Kute helps and encourages people to deal with 'ALL' of their past, and not let anything go until it is complete..

I finally felt safe enough for the first time in my life to bring to surface something I had discovered - A so called "secret"- that had been done to me as a child and I had locked it up so deep inside and had never talked about it with anyone, nor did I ever remember about it myself again until I was in India.

And it became very clear to me then that to move on in my life and be 'FREE' I had to deal with this in order to straighten my inner turmoil out. Because I had held it so deep inside it had affected me and caused me to feel such shame and guilt all my life...it had resulted in me closing up and never wanted to feel much or know much, and it left me withdrawn and distant to people.

So thanks to the way Kute never gave up on me and encouraged me to deal with it all I was finally able to let go of the guilt and shame, open up and not feel so withdrawn and distant to people anymore especially my wife in certain ways...it was now cleared.

I was then able to come home a different man standing taller than I ever have, it has allowed me now to be free to live today in the present a FREE man.”

-Fred Koontz