Here are the requirements to apply for this journey:

  1. You must be in relatively good health.

  2. You must feel a strong and undeniable calling for this journey.

  3. Be willing to stretch and immerse yourself 100%. Every moment of your journey during this time is part of the process.

  4. A sincere willingness to share all of yourself with total honesty and vulnerability.

  5. A valid passport and ability to travel without restriction.

  6. A sincere intention to make a difference on the planet.

  7. Finances should not be a burden.

  8. You must know that you are ready

Please understand that each year for The Liberation Experience Kute only excepts 2 - 3 individuals per year, therefore there may be a waiting list.

Being interviewed for this experience does not guarantee being accepted for this journey.

Please be very clear on your calling before you apply for an interview

If you meet these requirements and feel ready, then apply by sending an email below.

Your journey is destined. If you are meant to go you will know.

Simple as that.

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TEL: 213.250.LOVE(5683)